A People’s History of Fallujah is a digital archive dedicated to documenting and collecting documentation of how residents of the Iraqi city of Fallujah experienced the Gulf Wars, while also mobilizing resources as reparations to meet their urgent humanitarian needs. We are affiliated with the Islah Reparations Project and share their commitment to bringing grassroots reparations to the people of Fallujah. To that end, we view the labor of historical scholarship—research, documentation, narration, and public engagement—to be an integral part of giving reparations. History as a kind of public truth-telling is the basis from which all future reparation efforts are made possible.

We strive to apply the principles of grassroots reparations to historical scholarship and public engagement. That is, we aim to construct a narrative that is nonpartisan and that uses a rhetoric capable of bringing people together around a shared sense of compassion, responsibility, and solidarity. We want to avoid creating an authoritative historical account and instead seek to provide our readers with the information and tools they need to interpret this history for themselves as freely as possible.